Individual Solutions by Means of Projects and Process Consultation

SUSTAIN CONSULT offers change management as well as project management. Therefor our services include analysis, strategy and project development, project implementation and process consulting by means of coaching and moderation. Hereby, SUSTAIN CONSULT consequently orientates to the specific customer demands – procedures and methods are tailored to suit individual problems.

Consultation of Socially and Environmentally Friendly Industrial Development

Economic activity has to meet several demands: it should be profitable, provide a basis for the satisfaction of social needs and save the environment. Finding the right balance between these different aspects is not always easy. At this point the consultancy from SUSTAIN CONSULT starts: We assist our customers with the development and the implementation of sustainable strategies for companies, regions and industries – focusing on both profitability and employment.

Strategies for the Development of Companies, Regions and Industries

Corporations utilise SUSTAIN CONSULT’S know-how for developing businesses in both a socially and environmentally compatible manner and to therefore comply with future demands and conditions. On behalf of industry associations and trade unions, SUSTAIN CONSULT implements action programs and initiatives to improve general conditions concerning economy, employment and environmental protection. Authorities commission SUSTAIN CONSULT with projects on the development of regions and economical clusters.

Interconnected and Collaborative Consultation

SUSTAIN CONSULT does not just offer external know-how but also engages members of staff of our customers right from the very beginning of the consultation process. Thereby our results are practical and can easily be implemented. If required, we involve specialised scientists in our teams. SUSTAIN CONSULT maintains a close dialogue with universities and research institutions.