Business Communication during a Quarry Expansion – Dialogue led by a Lime Manufacturer

The Rheinkalk GmbH in Wülfrath is the largest Lime Works in Europe. In Wülfrath, lime is mined from a quarry covering 170 hectares. In order to meet raw materials demands, as well as to secure employment positions in the long run, the company intends to expand and establish a second quarry. An expansion would bring about a significant interference with the landscape; the vicinage fears strains of such an expansion. Hence, the establishment of a second quarry is controversial. During the course of project approval procedures, opposing interests were evaluated and weighed.

It was due to such discrepancies that SUSTAIN CONSULT was commissioned by the Rheinkalk Company to examine the arguments for such an expansion, to make them understandable to the public, to estimate the importance and possible effects such an expansion would have and bring about for the region, as well as to support communication between various interest groups concerned with this issue. Hereby, SUSTAIN CONSULT examined the relevance of a second quarry in regard to lime production and to the further development of the Flandersbach Works, as well as the impact it may have on the regions economy and employment market.

The Rheinkalk GmbH consulted with politicians, administration departments, interest groups and surrounding neighbors concerning this controversial issue. It was through the support of SUSTAIN CONSULT that forums were arranged, to which all parties involved were invited. At these forums, not only expansion plans but also measures for retaining undesirable expansion strains to the lowest possible amount were laid out. Through this, reasons for and possible effects of a quarry expansion and lime production were made clear and therefore provided the required working basis.

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