Our best References: Experiences in lots of projects

SUSTAIN CONSULT provides consultation of industrial services for enterprises, organizations, unions, ministries and local authority organizations. Following is a sample list of projects in order for you to have a better general understanding of consultancy services SUSTAIN CONSULT has to offer:

Competence and Innovation – Advancement of dynamic practise-science-relations to design work-qualification-innovation
The aim of the project „Competence and Innovation“, carried out by the German metal worker union (IG Metall), is to stimulate the direct dialogue between works councils and researchers and in order to enable works councils to meet the demands of their changing role at the workplace level. SUSTAIN CONSULT is one of the partners. 

Initiatives for Sustainability in the German Cement Industry
Industrial and employer organizations, as well as unions of the German Cement Industry have all started the initiative for sustainability in the German Cement Industry. SUSTAIN CONSULT was assigned to manage and coordinate this initiative. further information

Raw Material Mining and Flora-Fauna-Habitat Protection in Hagen
The Belgian Lhoist Group mines dolomite rock from which refractory stone is then produced. An expansion of the quarry would endanger an area that is protected by the FFH Directive. SUSTAIN CONSULT was involved with the examination of feasibility and producibility of such an expansion. further information

Center of Excellence for Environmental Technology and the Closed Loop Materials Economy
Environmental Technology and the Closed Loop Materials Economy both belong to the fast growing industrial sectors of the Ruhr Area. The Projekt Ruhr GmbH aims at strengthening this development and commissioned SUSTAIN CONSULT with the drafting of a concept for these central fields of competency. further information

Documentation “Sustainability and the Cement Industry”
On behalf of industry and employer organizations, as well as of the German Cement Industry unions, SUSTAIN CONSULT examined the demands and requirements for sustainable development of the cement industry, surveyed previous methods and identified optional courses of further action.  further information

Sustainable Development of the Flandersbach Lime Works
The Rheinkalk GmbH commissioned SUSTAIN CONSULT with the surveying and appraisal of the importance of Europe’s largest Lime Works for the development of the regional economy and employment creation. SUSTAIN CONSULT consulted the company as well throughout its process of approval. further information

Advancement of Power Plant Technology-Clusters in the Ruhr Area
Power Plant Technology belongs to the traditional strengths of the Ruhr Area. SUSTAIN CONSULT was assigned by the Projekt Ruhr GmbH to develop a strategy for the advancement of this Cluster, and to then accordingly implement corresponding projects with companies.  further information

Initiatives of the Health Industry in the German Märkish Region
The Märkish Region aims at developing the area Health Industry market as a regional, industrial Cluster so as to acquire the profile of being a “Health Region.” SUSTAIN CONSULT accompanied the regional business development including Cluster Management, through coaching activities and evaluating advancement measures.  further information

Structural Transformation of Unions and Workers’ Committee Councils
The Federation of German Trade Unions, District North Rhine-Westphalia (DGB Bezirk NRW) understands structural politics as a cooperative initiative with the industry. Accordingly, trade unionists and workers’ committee councils should develop projects for this initiative as well. SUSTAIN CONSULT was assigned to accompany project procedures through structural-political coaching.  further information

Workshop “The Path to Health Region Ruhr Area” - Qualification
The health industry is deemed as being a promising field for the job creation in the Ruhr Area. The Federation of German Trade Unions (DGB), the Association of Local Authorities in the Ruhr Area (KVR) and the Projekt Ruhr GmbH commissioned SUSTAIN CONSULT to conduct a workshop for the development of qualification strategies for the region.  further information