Cluster Management effective regional promotion of industries

Regional industrial Clusters are of great significance for the sustainable economic success of enterprises and regions: Cooperation and competition within the local environment and between suppliers as well as the closeness to the customers and partners for innovations are all important cornerstones for the success of regional economic development and therefore also for employment.

Cooperation and competition with the local environment as well as between suppliers, emotional advantages over both customers and other partners are all significant cornerstones concerning innovation and serve successful regional economic development, thus also serving employment perspectives and opportunities.

SUSTAIN CONSULT supports business development agencies, companies, organizations and trade unions in developing regional industrial clusters and assists in the creation of jobs. Our services include:

  • Cluster Analysis: Creation of cluster reports including the analysis of revenue structures, condition of competition and fields of innovation as well as of regional growth potential and fields of activity.
  • Cluster Development: Consulting and coaching of strategy formation, the development and implementation of projects serving the regional economic profile as well as the configuration of regional networks.
  • Cluster Evaluation: The assessment and evaluation of development strategies, initiatives and projects for the promotion of regional economic development.

SUSTAIN CONSULT operates in a dialogue-oriented manner. SUSTAIN CONSULT serves as an initiator and arranges for the mobilization and networking of relevant players during the course of consultation. We integrate our know-how into market developments and links between branches. Through coaching sessions and seminars, we are able to successfully pass on our experience with Cluster Management to decision-makers in business-development institutions and organizations, trade unions and corporations.