Communication Strategy – consultation for sustainable dialogue

More and more often, business development when associated with strains on either natural ecosystems or population leads to conflicts with the environment. In such cases, new investments are especially faced with opposition. Delays or restrictions concerning the implementation of projects, additional costs and damages to the corporate image are often the consequences – sometimes, the existence of the company even comes under threat.

SUSTAIN CONSULT supports companies in their dialogues with stakeholders and those affected – for example in connection with proceedings relating to approval. We serve as a moderator in the evolving dialogue, we develop communication strategies and/or assist as mediator to companies and their stakeholders by working towards conflict solutions. Typically, our consulting services are based on three key questions:

  • How can the enterprise make its interests and specific projects transparent enough, so that their importance can easily be understood and related to?
  • How can the enterprise best notice and acknowledge changes in environment demands and integrate them into its decision-making processes?
  • How can investment projects best be aimed at while remaining in tune to the corporate environment?

SUSTAIN CONSULT's services help to ease and to preferably resolve conflicts in the corporate environment. Investment projects are adjusted to apply to and fulfill social and economic demands; their implementation is accelerated and the internal expenses are minimized. Once a successful dialogue has been established, in many cases its structures will remain and can then be further utilized in the future – to the advantage of both the company and its stakeholders.