The Development of Business Concepts – a Sustainable Path

SUSTAIN CONSULT offers to develop business concepts for various company in-house situations: business establishment, expansion and durable, long-lasting development, as well as in-house reorganization. Our main areas of consultation are Energy Industry/Technology, Machine and Plant Engineering and Construction, Health Care and the Stone and Soil Industry.

Establishment – a Sustainable Beginning

Successful establishment of a business requires an extensive amount of information and the ability to overcome general problems. SUSTAIN CONSULT advises the development of business concepts and plans, evaluates market fields, ascertains service profiles, endowments and capacities, creates budgeted balance sheets and budgeted profit and loss account, develops proportionate and reasonable cost and performance analysis, as well as assists in overcoming general difficulties in the course of the establishment process – during which

Development – Sustainable Utilization of Potential

Both business expansion and durable, long-lasting economic development require the utilization of growth potential along with continuously increasing efficiency levels. The occupational everyday life oftentimes offers only inadequate leeway here for. SUSTAIN CONSULT develops strategies in order to optimize the controlling of economic and ecologic objectives and plans business capacity and investment levels. We support your business development by providing comprehensive project management.

Reorganization – Sustainable Business Assurance

Businesses must be able to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Company flexibility and adaptability offer aid in avoiding crises and are therefore crucial aspects of solid business development. SUSTAIN CONSULT assists in diagnosing crises early-on, identifying required adjustments, analyzing crises causes and developing methods of reorganization