Initiatives for Sustainability – practical commitment of the industry

Sustainable development must meet needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. This objective of the Agenda 21 is to become a guideline on all international, national and regional levels – not only for political bodies, administrations and the society, but as well for industries: Sustainability is a key element for economic and corporate success – and without the commitment of the industry sustainable development is not possible.

In all tasks concerning sustainable development, SUSTAIN CONSULT assists business enterprises, organizations and labor unions as well as political bodies, administrations and public facilities to make decisions concerning initiatives for sustainable development. Hereby, we above all offer assistance in strengthening the commitment and support of the industry: We create sustainability reports, analyze the outcome of previous actions, support the development of targets and campaigns for sustainable development and implement future projects and comprehensive initiatives together with our customers.

Through all this, SUSTAIN CONSULT creates action programs and projects in a comprehensive dialogue setting between stakeholders. Often, problems and conflicts regarding sustainability programs do not surface until social, ecological and economic matters are to be balanced in practice. Our experience has shown us that this dialogue is all the more prolific when based on concrete examples and projects.