Sustainable Location Development – Perspective-based Investment

Investments and location development are oftentimes associated with strains on the natural environment: Emissions in and intrusions to the natural landscape can interfere with natural ecosystems, endanger nature and species protection or cause conflicts with residents in the near vicinity. Dependable planning becomes a difficult task in such situations – creation of value and jobs can be jeopardized.

In such cases, SUSTAIN CONSULT analyses the importance of investments and projects of location developments as well as offers consultation throughout the proceedings leading up to approval. Accordingly, we concentrate on economic and social aspects – our consultation complements expert opinions regarding ecological ramifications of projects within the framework of environmental or FFH (Fauna-Flora-Habitat) Tolerance Studies. Above all, SUSTAIN CONSULT focuses on three questions:

  • How important is a particular planned project with regards to the future course of the company? How would the corporate development be impacted should the project fail? Are there alternatives?
  • How much weight does the company and the project bear in both the region and further surroundings in regard to industrial and social matters? What consequences would be drawn should the project fails?
  • How may investments and projects to secure a location be successfully combined and coordinated with nature and species protection measures?

SUSTAIN CONSULT’s services assist in making decisions on investment and expansion projects loaded down by conflict and assisting them in becoming sustainable: endowed with a clear economic perspective and embedded into the social and economic environment. Thus, the foundation for dialogue with stakeholders in the business environment is laid.