Sustainability Reports – a Concept in Practice

The demands for transparency in economic and business fields are ever-growing: employees, as well as external dialog partners, are increasingly requesting information concerning the economic, ecologic and social effects of businesses and branches. First when given the appropriate information, are companies able to then increase both company credibility and levels of social acceptability.

SUSTAIN CONSULT supports companies, industrial organizations, trade unions and public institutions by creating and issuing sustainability reports. Through these reports, ecologic, social and economic aspects of business activity and branch-based correlations are brought to light. Hereby, a professional, yet simultaneously generally understandable analysis of information and facts is of particular importance.

Our sustainability reports make complex correlations in the context of the development of business and branches to become visible as well as making them understandable to outside external dialog partners. Furthermore, sustainability reports simultaneously create the basis for the development of further measures with which economic, ecologic and social demands may better be inter-coordinated than they were able to be in the past.