Location Development
Conflicts occurring in a company’s environment may endanger both investments and projects. SUSTAIN CONSULT analyses the importance of projects and assists in the proceedings leading to approval. Further Information


With its consulting services, SUSTAIN CONSULT aims at optimizing the link between enterprises and their social and ecological environment.

SUSTAIN CONSULT goes for sustainable solutions which are balanced between economic, social and ecologic interests and therefore have a long-lasting impact.

Communication Strategies
SUSTAIN CONSULT assists companies in communicating with their stakeholders. Hereby, the balancing of economic, ecologic and social matters is of key importance. Further Information

Cluster Management
The promotion of regional industrial clusters is a key to successful corporate development and to creating and securing jobs. Further Information

Initiatives for Sustainability
SUSTAIN CONSULT undertakes management and consultation of action programs and projects for sustainable development of corporate clients, industries and regions. Further Information

Sustainability Reports
The analysis of both basic conditions and economic, social and ecologic requirements provides the basis for realistic objectives and successful moves towards sustainability. Further Information

Plans and Strategies for Business
Sustainable development demands a durable and healthy economic basis. SUSTAIN CONSULT assist companies on the design and formation of business concepts in accordance to the market demands of tomorrow. Further Information